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Things you should know before coming to Australia for Higher Studies

Australia for Higher Studies

Preparing for Departure

Disclaimer! This article is portrayed by an individual’s experience purely to motivate a reader! We have tried to keep it close to reality as possible. So, you may or may not come across these situations. Therefore, it’s just a fun read for preparation.

Australia for Higher Studies

Australia for Higher StudiesAustralia is a country where you can make a name for yourself; Why? You decide what you do next. However, the road to success can be smooth to some and really rough to many others.

One thing you need to be prepared for is the challenges you will face. What this means is, when you decide to come to Australia, make sure you are absolutely ready to face the challenges and the success with no doubts. *Hint: think of this as a one-way road. 

People react to change in various ways. So, it may come in the form of homesickness, depression, anxiety, feeling lost, etc. Just know, this is normal. Everyone who made it has been through these and overcome them with great resilience. So, make sure you come here to WIN at all costs.

Dart hitting the bullseye target with word success on the dartboard. Therefore, success business finance investment concept, a symbol of successful

Ideally, you would talk to an education/travel agent to organize your migration process seamlessly. So, you don’t want any hiccups in the visa process Australia.

What you need to bring, don’t be shy now!

  • Clothes, just enough.
  • Toiletries (obviously not toilet paper, but you’ll miss the hand shower! LOL)
  • Funds to last at least 3 to 4 months.
  • Rent a room for yourself.
  • Some extra cash to buy a car.

 ‘Be fearless, be organized!’

– Panduka Gunawardena